We offer a comprehensive service that will develop a strategy to implement your project in a challenging environment according to your deadlines and schedules. Why risk compromising a scene, or worse, a shoot? We will support you actively.


  • Risk assessment: asbestos, mould, lead, hydrocarbons
  • Risk management: asbestos, mould, lead, hydrocarbons
  • Training
  • On-site risk mitigation measures
  • Fit-tests
  • Daily and final air tests
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Development of work procedures in contaminated environments for approval by the CNESST

Your team of specialists in contaminated environments:

  • Equipment decontamination
  • Cleaning/encapsulating
  • Drilling a trench
  • Safe entry for workers into the contaminated area
  • Safe exit for workers from the contaminated area
  • Temporary decontamination
  • Biological decontamination

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