COVID-19: 24/7 Disinfection Services


Emergencies, contamination problems. We’ll handle the situation.


GSR, decontamination specialists, have the required expertise and training to eliminate biohazards, such as COVID-19. 

GSR Construction Decontamination offers a 24/7 emergency service to disinfect your workplaces and all public spaces.

Book your work shift right away.

Services offered to:

  • School boards, CEGEPs, universities
  • Large and institutional offices
  • Nursing homes, homes for the elderly, hospitals
  • Public areas
  • Companies with a production line
  • Public transport, subways, buses
  • Others…
Furthermore, we offer negative pressure HEPA pressurization from 1500 cfm to 17,000 cfm, which filters 99.97% of contaminants! Negative pressure reduces the risk of spreading the disease in a given space.
Let’s protect our community!

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