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We solve all your contamination issues!


Emergencies, contamination issues (asbestos, mould, lead), or unforeseen events: we take charge of the situation.

Throughout our 15 years as decontamination experts and 20 years in the construction industry, GSR Construction Decontamination has always focussed on applying innovative working methods. Our ability to reinvent ourselves according to your reality guarantees that we will successfully complete your projects, however large or small they may be.

Our passion: finding solutions to various contamination issues. Our experienced team implements strategies and executes the work to efficiently solve all your problems.





Project management experts!

Project management is the cornerstone of our work. For each project we undertake, GSR plans, organizes and coordinates activities to control costs and timelines. Pre-project coordination, cost evaluation, management of site monitoring documents, we do everything to achieve your objectives in accordance with your specific requirements.

Why choose us?

Project Management

We carefully examine and plan every project we take on to ensure that the proper protocols are followed because as project management experts over the last 20 years, we understand the importance of planning every detail to meet your budgets and deadlines and for proper execution.

Emergency Services

Our experts are ready to help you 24 hours a day to quickly stabilize a challenging situation. Proactive and dynamic, the GSR team has developed a complementary flash decontamination service to better meet your needs. Rapid mobilization in 4 to 12 hours, available on 4 shifts.

20 years of experience

Our multidisciplinary team boasts more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry in addition to their 15 years of expertise in decontamination. Our priority is to carry out work according to the industry’s best practices.

Are you faced with a contamination emergency?

Ask for our “Flash Decontamination” service—Fast results within 8 to 12 hours, available on 4 work shifts.

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Our Services

Our main concern is to do things properly by putting the well-being of the occupants and the health of the workers first.


Emergency/Flash Decontamination

Our priority is to stabilize the critical situation through rapid mobilization. The importance of this service is to save time and money through speed and efficiency. Projects often fall through or are rushed because no decontamination contractor can be found to do the job properly and at a reasonable cost.

At GSR, we have set up the “Flash Decontamination” service, an elaborate procedure for planning and carrying out small-scale rapid decontamination operations that take between 4 to 8 hours, for low to high reduced risks.

What is the procedure?

  • We assess risk;
  • We develop a strategy;
  • Equipped with tools adapted to the type of service offered, our teams quickly mobilize to decontaminate the affected area before your maintenance or renovation operations;
  • The work is done according to the highest industry standards and environmental rules;
  • Martin Robichaud’s dual expertise as both an inspector and a labourer has enabled us to generate fast-working methods that meet standards without the need for compromise;
  • Angélique Salvas’ project management skills have allowed us to develop our own planning and coordination methods so we can mobilize within a short period of 12 to 24 hours. We also offer an emergency service available on 4 work shifts.
Decontamination: Asbestos, Mould, Lead, Freon

We take charge of your decontamination project, using project management processes that guarantee real-time monitoring to achieve your objectives. We take your success to heart. A highly motivated and experienced team carries out the work on site, and our rigorous control will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

GSR Construction Decontamination is proactive in finding a solution for you! Our work is done according to current industry standards and best practices that guarantee the safety of workers and the well-being of occupants while respecting environmental rules. Regardless of the contaminant being treated, we work closely with your project teams and suggest efficient solutions. We never neglect safety and your complete satisfaction.

Contaminant Cleaning and Removal

Whichever contaminant is present, we adapt our work to your needs and realities. Proactive, we work with you to find practical solutions to your problems. Cleaning in a contaminated environment involves light interventions where we take care of the quality of the air to remove any traces of the contaminants that have been detected. This does not include any demolition work.


Whether your building needs major renovations, a simple alteration or expansion, we can handle selective demolition. Our demolition or stripping service does not necessarily mean the complete destruction of a building. It may be that we are tasked with demolishing a certain part of the building, while preserving the rest. We make sure to always work in a safe and respectful manner with the structure that could be a work of art or a cultural heritage.

Risk Assessment and Management

We take charge of the entire project, developing a strategy for carrying out your project in a hazardous environment according to your deadlines and schedules. Why risk compromising an opportunity? Let us support you actively.

  • Risk Assessment: Preventively identify risks and assess the measures and risk mitigation strategy we must implement to safely carry out your project.
  • Risk Management: An on-site team implements the adopted risk mitigation strategy and oversees all stakeholders involved in the project, in compliance with laws and regulations.

We offer two training sessions.

For the film industry:

This training session will provide participants with the basic skills to determine the risks they are exposed to during interventions in buildings within a contaminated environment. They will also be able to communicate with the right people to enable them to do their jobs while making sure that the work is done in accordance with all laws and regulations in place. The theoretical component includes learning about laws and regulations, health risks, different types of contaminants and examples of hazardous situations. The practical component involves scenarios within different contexts and environments.


For General Contractors:

This training session will allow project managers, estimators and site managers to acquire the basic skills to understand the challenges of a site contaminated with asbestos.

The following topics will be examined:

  • Different types of asbestos;
  • The most frequent uses for asbestos;
  • Health consequences;
  • The different annexes to consult in quotes dealing with asbestos;
  • The budgetary repercussions;
  • The level of risk and their impact on budgets and project management;
  • Daily and final air tests.

Customer Testimonials

“GSR never ceases to impress us and accumulate stars for your project specification sheets!”

“I have just come out of a meeting and GSR has received nothing but praise from the technical and procurement department.”

“Thanks for your good work. The general contractor on site was impressed by the quality of your work.”

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